Mobile Development In The Year 2002

mobile-world-001No this is not a mistake. It is not supposed to be 2022, and this is not a futuristic post about how mobile development will look a few years from now. It is about how we developed applications back then, in 2002. I found this magazine in a pile of old papers I was about to throw to the recycling bin, and suddenly it hit me – I wrote this piece on how to develop mobile apps more than 13 years ago! So it is a visit down nostalgia lane, bringing long forgotten memories from what seems to be now a tons of technological generations ago. Continue reading

WorldMate Introduces a Major Upgrade to its Hotel Booking Experience on iPhone


SAN FRANCISCO, July 9, 2012 – The world’s largest mobile itinerary management and travel booking app, WorldMate, today announced its completely re-designed hotel booking service on the WorldMate for iPhone app. The enhancements are a direct result of WorldMate’s exhaustive study of the booking behavior of millions of its customers.

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Rumors of WorldMate for Windows Phone

There is a growing wave of rumors about a version of WorldMate for Windows Phone.

It seems that popular travel organizer app/service WorldMate is about to enter the Windows Phone Marketplace. While the exact release date is not confirmed yet, some screenshots have already leaked (as you can see from the image below).

WorldMate for Windows PhoneExpect all (or at least most) of the features users on other platforms have learned to love, including itinerary viewer, ability to see full trip items’ details, and one click to call and open location maps. Moreover, there’s the social media integration with Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for sharing travel plans and seeing who’s nearby to the trip destinations.

Of course, all this is packed into a Metro-style UI to make the experience familiar to the Windows Phone community. And it will probably be free to download.

WorldMate API launches with over 50 developers onboard

WorldMate API launches with over 50 developers on board

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2012  – The world’s largest mobile itinerary management and travel booking service, WorldMate, today announced the availability of the WorldMate API and the accompanying developer portal at WorldMate API processes travelers’ confirmation emails, extracts all of the key information, adds additional content such as an airport geo-code, and then sends the data back to the developer in industry standard Extensible Markup Language (XML). Developers can use the data to create a virtually limitless array of applications. Some examples include itinerary monitoring, expense reporting, traveler profiling or selling daily deals at the destination.
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WorldMate for iPad, The Ultimate Travel Companion

WorldMate for iPad, The Ultimate Travel Companion

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2012   /PRNewswire/   — WorldMate, the trip organizer and travel planning app with over 9 million users, announced today the launch of its WorldMate App for iPad. The app was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Retina display and Multi-Touch capabilities of the new iPad.
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BlackBerry Travel App Launches Free Service for Indonesian Users

BlackBerry has rolled out its Travel App for Indonesian users, offering itinerary management, booking and local search for users.

Avid travelers who haven’t used the BlackBerry Travel app yet might want to check out the app out to plan, book, manage, and share travel activities. Travel planning, booking, itinerary management and push notifications are its key features that will turn one’s BlackBerry smartphone into an invaluable travel companion. An added benefit is that users can find deals and make reservations hotel accommodations and car rental options. The app can also be used to convert exchange rates, get weather information, search for local destinations, and arrange for limo services to and from the airport. BlackBerry Travel launched last week for Indonesia users and is free. Update:

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WorldMate Wins the Best Mobile Travel App Award at EyeForTravel

WorldMate Wins the Best Mobile Travel App Award at EyeForTravel

SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2012   /PRNewswire/   — WorldMate announced today that it won the Best Mobile Travel App Award on March 5th at EyeForTravel’s Social Media and Mobile Strategies for Travel 2012 conference.

WorldMate was nominated alongside the biggest brands in travel and several well-known startups. From that pool of nominees, four finalists were selected to present in front a panel of judges. “What put us over the top,” explains WorldMate’s CEO, Jean Tripier, “was our unique approach in building the contextual profiles of our users and then proactively serving them with personalized recommendations for hotel rooms and car rentals. The major implication for the travel industry is that WorldMate has disintermediated search.”

WorldMate’s patent pending TripCatch technology automatically recognizes travel confirmations as they arrive in the traveler’s smartphone’s email inbox. It then collates the flights, hotels, car rentals, and train reservations into a comprehensive travel itinerary, which serves as the basis for determining the traveler’s context. Over time, as WorldMate aggregates more itineraries from each of its users, that contextual profile of the traveler evolves to the point where WorldMate recognizes if a user is missing an accommodation and then recommends hotels that best match that traveler’s preferences while taking into account the specific logistics of his upcoming trip. The hotels and car rentals are booked in WorldMate with a few clicks of the button since the traveler’s payment details are also stored within his profile.

WorldMate’s recently launched Price Alerts service also won kudos from EyeForTravel’s panel of judges. This service automatically reviews every hotel reservation in WorldMate’s millions of itineraries and then sends a discounted offer to the traveler for the same room or presents a counter offer for a similar but less expensive hotel nearby. In the presentation to the judges, WorldMate revealed one example in which it saved a traveler $356 on a four night hotel stay.

The EyeForTravel Best Mobile App Award follows several other recent WorldMate honors including Google’s Editor’s Choice for travel apps in Android Market, Mobile Entertainment Forum’s Meffys award, and the Global Business Travel Associations’ Business Travel Innovation Award.

WorldMate for iPhone with Social Integration and Price Alerts

Social integration & price alerts

We admit it. Registering and logging into an app with an email address and password is a pain. The good news is that we’ve just integrated WorldMate 2.5 for iPhone with Facebook, so that you can now register and log-in to WorldMate with your Facebook credentials. It’s fast, easy, and no more “what was my password for this app?” again!

In keeping with the social theme, it’s now even easier to post your trip updates on Facebook. For those of you with iPhone OS5, you can tweet your travel adventures from WorldMate as your trip unfolds.

One last thing- Do you ever wonder if the hotel room you booked is really a good deal? With our new Price Alert service, we’ll put your mind at ease by notifying you if there’s a better price for that hotel room, a comparable hotel for a cheaper price, or if there’s a much better hotel for slightly more. In many cases, you can cancel your original booking without penalty and then re-book the better deal through us.


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WorldMate on Android with New Hotel Booking and Facebook Integration

Traveling keeps getting better and easier

WorldMate has done it again, making traveling better and easier. With new and improved travel services making travel easier and more enjoyable, we not only have the Android Market’s “Editors Choice” award, but we’re also an Android Market “Staff Picks”.

So, what’s new in 5.0?

Price Alerts: Did you get the best hotel deal? WorldMate now automatically helps you save with our Price Alerts service. No matter where you book from, we’ll let you know if you can get more for less. Save money on the same hotel, find a similar but cheaper, or upgrade to bigger and better for next to nothing!

Hotel Booking Revamped: We’ve upgraded our hotel booking service giving our users an incredible booking experience. You’ll enjoy our new user interface, which makes finding the perfect hotel a cinch. And for those of you bargain hunters, you can now get straight to the chase with our Deals button.

Express Booking: Do you hate the tedious process of entering your credit card details each time you book? Well, we now give you the option of storing those details with us, so that it’s a snap the next time you book on WorldMate.

Log in with Facebook: Loosing track of your Web or App accounts and passwords? Well you now have one less password to remember; just Log in with your Facebook credentials.

Facebook Status Updates: If you’re planning a trip or on route and running up those miles, update your Facebook friends directly from WorldMate. Keep your friends updated on your travel adventures by posting new travel status messages directly from your Trip’s screen.

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