Mobile Development In The Year 2002

mobile-world-001No this is not a mistake. It is not supposed to be 2022, and this is not a futuristic post about how mobile development will look a few years from now. It is about how we developed applications back then, in 2002. I found this magazine in a pile of old papers I was about to throw to the recycling bin, and suddenly it hit me – I wrote this piece on how to develop mobile apps more than 13 years ago! So it is a visit down nostalgia lane, bringing long forgotten memories from what seems to be now a tons of technological generations ago. Continue reading

Emoze Enterprise Server Now Supports iPhone®

October 28, 2010 – Emoze, the award winning provider of mobile, push email solutions is proud to announce that it now supports the Apple® iPhone® as part of its enterprise software platform.

Long a front runner of the consumer smartphone market, the iPhone® has many features which make it an attractive business tool. Emoze Enterprise Server is already available for WinMobile and Symbian mobile operating systems and now extends its smart management tool to the mail functions and personal information management of iPhone® mobile devices, providing business owners the control and handle of iPhones as secure business tools.
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Emoze Announces Updated Platform for Symbian Devices

Ra’anana, Israel, 06 April 2010 – Emoze announced today the release of the latest version of their industry leading push email platform for Symbian devices. This version contains many enhancements requested by Emoze users designed to provide superior interface, ease and connectivity. “The user experience is very important to us”, said Moshe Dgani, VP R&D of Emoze, Ltd. “We want our platform to be simple to use, intuitive and above all valuable to the user. For that reason, we are pleased to announce the implementation of several features that our users have been asking for.”
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What Will Be The Mobile OS Of The Future?

This is indeed an interesting question. The article Ultimate Mobile OS Showdown: iPhone vs Android vs webOs vs Blackberry vs Windows Mobile vs Symbian tries to compare the good and bad of each of the common mobile OS at hand today.

WorldMate for Blackberry

WorldMate for Blackberry

WorldMate is mentioned in this article as one of the better BlackBerry OS third-part apps for tracking travel plans.

Personally, I like the Windows Mobile OS, but I have to agree this is probably a dying mobile OS.

iPhone is very chick but if I have to gamble on a winner it will be the Android. Its openness and support from a plethora of vendors will make it the winner, eventually.

What do you think?

What Will Be The Mobile OS Of The Future?

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Facebook Messaging Expands To Over One Billion Mobile Devices

emoze pushes Facebook on any mobile device
emoze, the world’s first free, mobile, push email service, now allows Symbian users to add their Facebook messaging in combination with any number of email messaging systems, to their favourite mobile device. Java and Windows Mobile users will have the privilege within the next few days. There is no need to purchase a sophisticated Smartphone to tap into Facebook messages on-the-move. Users can simply add Facebook to their emoze portfolio on any handset.

Instant access to read, reply and send messages, avoids the need to open the Facebook website. ‘Friends’ lists are immediately on their handset, without even needing to go through an internet browser.
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WorldMate Brings First Mobile Flight Alert Service To Nokia S60 Symbian Platform

Award-winning mobile travel service helps road warriors using Nokia’s popular platform avoid travel pitfalls

Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2008) – WorldMate, Inc., the leading provider of mobile travel services for frequent fliers, today introduced flight alerts for Nokia S60 devices. Now, WorldMate for S60 users can automatically receive real-time updates directly on their mobile phones when their flights are canceled or delayed. In addition, travelers inconvenienced by last-minute changes can check updated flight schedules to quickly
rebook and save time at the airport.

Users of WorldMate for Nokia S60 simply enter their flight numbers directly into the mobile application. The WorldMate service acts as a ‘guardian angel’, watching over travelers’ itineraries and proactively notifying them of delays or cancellations. As flight schedules change, the service pushes personal alerts directly to the mobile device, and enables users to react within the application by referencing updated schedules to find suitable alternate flights.
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WorldMate stars on Symbian platforms

From time to time one takes pride in his job. Today is one of those moments. WorldMateWorldMate, our leading application is chosen as application of the month for the Symbian UIQ platform and application of the week for the S60 platform.

You can read all about it in: “UIQ application of the month”and in “Nokia application of the week”(and also here).