WorldMate Eliminates the Need for Manual Itinerary Creation

July 12, 2010 – WorldMate’s Pioneering TripCatch Service Automatically Turns Confirmation Emails into Detailed Itineraries

WorldMate Inc., the industry leader in mobile travel services with over 5 million active customers worldwide, announced today a major service upgrade with the introduction of TripCatch. WorldMate with TripCatch for Blackberry now automatically recognizes travel confirmation emails and sends the information directly to a user’s WorldMate account, freeing users from having to manually enter travel information in their calendars.

How it works:
TripCatch (an opt-in service), monitors a user’s BlackBerry mailbox for travel confirmation emails and imports the travel itinerary automatically to their WorldMate account. With Tripcatch automation, confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars and more generate detailed trip itineraries. The WorldMate service also includes flight alerts, calendar synchronization, and itinerary integration with mapping, navigation and LinkedIn contacts.

To ensure the absolute privacy of WorldMate travelers, the TripCatch implementation is certified with the Privacy Seal from TRUSTe , the leading internet privacy services provider. Only information explicitly allowed by the user is ever accessed by WorldMate, and users can opt-out at any time.

“We know that business travelers deal with all kinds of challenges and annoyances, have little free time to waste, so we built TripCatch to cater to their busy lifestyles. Automating the creation of mobile-accessible itineraries allows WorldMate users to more fluidly incorporate mobile business travel services, with no extra work to their already hectic schedules,” said Jean Tripier, CEO of WorldMate. “WorldMate makes life easier for business travelers, and TripCatch takes our service to a whole new level.”

The Tale Of Mittel Street

It is a well known secret that I am the family historian. I research the family origin, history and where about. It is also known in our family, that my grand father lost most of his family in the Holocaust. One of his brothers, who died with his family in the Holocaust, was Baruch Gutgold.

So I set out to find some evidence on Baruch Gutgold faith. With today’s modern technology, it is very easy to browse and search many online resources related to family genealogy. One such fine resource is the Jewish Gen site. It was there, in the Lodz Ghetto list (I knew the family origin was in Lodz or it’s surrounding shtetels) that I found this:

Baruch Gutgold - Lodz Ghetto Listing

Baruch Gutgold - Lodz Ghetto Listing

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