Mobile Development In The Year 2002

mobile-world-001No this is not a mistake. It is not supposed to be 2022, and this is not a futuristic post about how mobile development will look a few years from now. It is about how we developed applications back then, in 2002. I found this magazine in a pile of old papers I was about to throw to the recycling bin, and suddenly it hit me – I wrote this piece on how to develop mobile apps more than 13 years ago! So it is a visit down nostalgia lane, bringing long forgotten memories from what seems to be now a tons of technological generations ago. Continue reading

The Tale Of Mittel Street

It is a well known secret that I am the family historian. I research the family origin, history and where about. It is also known in our family, that my grand father lost most of his family in the Holocaust. One of his brothers, who died with his family in the Holocaust, was Baruch Gutgold.

So I set out to find some evidence on Baruch Gutgold faith. With today’s modern technology, it is very easy to browse and search many online resources related to family genealogy. One such fine resource is the Jewish Gen site. It was there, in the Lodz Ghetto list (I knew the family origin was in Lodz or it’s surrounding shtetels) that I found this:

Baruch Gutgold - Lodz Ghetto Listing

Baruch Gutgold - Lodz Ghetto Listing

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