Is hi tech the new era slavery?

It is now almost over 4:00 am. I’ve been working for over 20 hours without a break. No, it’s not the 19th century, and I’m not mining coal. I’m managing software development in an hi tech company.

It is a free will slavery. Thousand of people in the western world are subject to this slavery every day. Have we changed forced slavery with our hi tech stock holders oppressors? Do you have the feeling that we labor much more than our parents did? And do we get more?

The mystical power of numbers

My wifebelieves in the mystical power of numbers. Our youngest son was born on 1234 (March 12, 2004). That didn’t save him from getting his ITP condition (a very rare blood disorder, one in hundred of thousand chances to get it). So much for the mystical power (or isn’t it?). His brother was close to secure the family domination over the 1234 numbers area. He missed by one month 1422 (February 14, 2002). He could at least wait 6 days to get his 2222. Argh, he was always impatient.

Our first flat was number 7, on Savion 7 St. When we went to buy our next flat, we had an option to a flat in the 8th floor, but the same option was extended to a previous buyer that came before us. He exercised his right and we finally had to buy the one on, yes you guessed it right – the 7th floor. Oh, the flat number is 33.

Where does all that goes to? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that we never won any serious prize in the lottery. Sure, we play it, and it is numbers, yet – no luck.