How I Found A Job With Node + Angular, Part 3: The Angular Angle

In the first post, I explained my frustration about seeking possible close (geographically) and awesome future employers. I started my journey towards geo aware job finding application by discussing Node.JS basics. In the previous post we added some database functionality with CouchDB.jquery

Now it is time to start showing some UI, to display the jobs stored in our database. There are many modern UI/Web frameworks that can do the job. My favorites are jQuery (mainly because of jQuery mobile anjquery-mobiled me being mobile oriented) and Angular.JS. I’ve chosen Angular for this tutorial. Download and install the Angular files. I would also recommend the excelleAngularJS-largent Angular free tutorial to get you started with basic Angular concepts.

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How I Found A Job With Node + Angular, Part 2: Let’s Level Some Jobs

In the previous post, I explained my frustration about seeking possible close (geographically) and awesome future employers. I started my journey towards geo aware job finding application by discussing Node.JS basics.

In this post, I would like to serve some companies that offer positions in my field, from the node web server we just created. This means, we need to retrieve them from somewhere. Aha! A database? Well, this could be anything from hard coded JS array, a file and of course – a database. Following this short presentation about using LevelDB with Node.JS I decided to use LevelDB for this tutorial. This turned to be a bad decision. While my tests on Amazon EC2 cluster went very well, installing level on a Windows machine became a sisyphic task. Simply trying

> npm install level

Will fail. Looking at the logs you can see some rants about leveldown failed installation. LevelDB is composed from 2 main packages: levelup – which provide a high level API to the DB, and leveldown which provide the low level hard core DB functions. Trying to follow the instructions on Richard’s blog by installing only levelup:

> npm install levelup

will give a wrong first impression. While the installation goes by ok, the DB will fail on first try:

> var level = require('levelup');
> var db = level('./DatabaseDirectory');
LevelUPError: Could not locate LevelDOWN, try <code>npm install leveldown</code>
    at getLevelDOWN (c:\Dev\node\geojob\node_modules\levelup\lib\util.js:109:11)
    at (c:\Dev\node\geojob\node_modules\levelup\lib\levelup.js:109:37)
    at new LevelUP (c:\Dev\node\geojob\node_modules\levelup\lib\levelup.js:82:8)
    at LevelUP (c:\Dev\node\geojob\node_modules\levelup\lib\levelup.js:44:12)
    at repl:1:10
    at REPLServer.self.eval (repl.js:110:21)
    at repl.js:249:20
    at REPLServer.self.eval (repl.js:122:7)
    at Interface.&lt;anonymous&gt; (repl.js:239:12)
    at Interface.emit (events.js:95:17)

Again, because of our friend leveldown. Trying to install leveldown directly will fail as well.
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How I Found A Job With Node + Angular, Part 1: Let’s Do Some Node

After 4 years in AT&T as mobile R&D group manager and system architect (working on AT&T Connect and Unified Communications products) I was leaving and looking for a new position. If you ever looked for an appealing position in the past, you must have connectnoticed a disturbing fact: some of the more attractive positions are offered far far away (geographically speaking) from where you live. At this time in my life I was not willing to move out for a new job (the family really likes our humble neighborhood and community) nor commute to death (in here that meant no more than 1 hour travel for each direction). So my career council shared with me a web site that offered all the relevant companies in my field, with a geographical distribution information, to help me choose the “right” company for me. While this web site was a helping factor in my job search, it was annoying me for its old user interface design, and poor usability. And since I had some free time now, I decided (you know me – if there is something I love it is to learn some new stuff, and fix some broken things) to try to make a better tool for my fellow job seekers. Continue reading

Don’t Trust PGGM Pension Fund

The media is filled with recent days reports about how PGGM of the Netherlands, one of the world’s larger pension asset managers, says it is divesting from five Israeli banks it says are involved in financing construction of Jewish settlements in occupied territories.

You can read it all over here, here and here, or Google it.

Source: PGGM Holdings Q1 2013, from their web site

Source: PGGM Holdings Q1 2013, from their web site

Unfortunately, PGGM are involved here in one of the biggest lies in the Dutch pension industry, and are only seeking fame in this publicity stunt. If you look at their holdings on Q1 2013 – You will not find there a single Israeli bank as part of their portfolio. That’s right! They never invested in Israeli banks.

I suggest for all Dutch clients that manage their pensions in this company: leave them. Leave them, today. They will also lie to you! Be warned and flee to an honest pension fund, if you don’t want to help them promote their lies around the world.

Efficient Android Code – A Case Study

Just the other day I cam across UC Android’s MSRP parser implementation. I was astonished, left speechless. Gazing paralyzed at the code I resisted the urge to run screaming to the development manager and demand that the author of this gem will be publically hanged on the next weekly happy hour. Instead, being the good soul that i am, I decided to take this code as a test case to demonstrate how can we increase Android code efficiency.

I will try to demonstrate:

  1. Can we increase this code efficiency? Maintainability? Performance?
  2. Is it worth making the effort?

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Google Secretly Collects WiFi Information

Information leaked from Google headquarters confirms that Google is secretly collecting WiFi information with it’s Android OS installed on millions of Android phones worldwide.
Senior manager in Google HQ confirmed that the company is using the Android phone built in GPS and WiFi capabilities to record the geographical position of WiFi networks in the phone location. This information is transmitted periodically to Google servers, where it is analyzed and stored in the company’s geographical database.
This information is used to locate a device even without GPS enabled, based on the WiFi networks found in the device neighborhood.

Google Street View Car

Google Street View Car

This secret plan was adopted after the public criticism following Google’s Street View data collection policy.

The Tale Of Mittel Street

It is a well known secret that I am the family historian. I research the family origin, history and where about. It is also known in our family, that my grand father lost most of his family in the Holocaust. One of his brothers, who died with his family in the Holocaust, was Baruch Gutgold.

So I set out to find some evidence on Baruch Gutgold faith. With today’s modern technology, it is very easy to browse and search many online resources related to family genealogy. One such fine resource is the Jewish Gen site. It was there, in the Lodz Ghetto list (I knew the family origin was in Lodz or it’s surrounding shtetels) that I found this:

Baruch Gutgold - Lodz Ghetto Listing

Baruch Gutgold - Lodz Ghetto Listing

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What Will Be The Mobile OS Of The Future?

This is indeed an interesting question. The article Ultimate Mobile OS Showdown: iPhone vs Android vs webOs vs Blackberry vs Windows Mobile vs Symbian tries to compare the good and bad of each of the common mobile OS at hand today.

WorldMate for Blackberry

WorldMate for Blackberry

WorldMate is mentioned in this article as one of the better BlackBerry OS third-part apps for tracking travel plans.

Personally, I like the Windows Mobile OS, but I have to agree this is probably a dying mobile OS.

iPhone is very chick but if I have to gamble on a winner it will be the Android. Its openness and support from a plethora of vendors will make it the winner, eventually.

What do you think?

What Will Be The Mobile OS Of The Future?

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