Pelephone Launches Smart Mail Powered By Emoze

Pelephone, Israel’s largest mobile operator, in cooperation with the award winning mobile messaging service emoze, is now offering broadband subscribers push email on a wide array of mobile devices.

Ra’anana – 02 February 2010 – Pelephone, Israel’s leading mobile operator, has today taken a strategic step toward its vision of smart and friendly mail on every mobile device with the launch of its new mobile email service, Smart Mail, powered by emoze.

Smart Mail is an innovative push email service that enables both personal and business email messages, including attachments, to be pushed in real-time to the subscriber’s handheld device, even if it is not a smart phone. Smart Mail is already supported on over 13 Symbian and Java devices, including several Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets, with dozens more to be added in the coming months.
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Pelephone Israel To Offer Emoze To Over 2 Million Users

Emoze mobile email, PIM data and social media available to Israeli mobile users
Ra’anana, Israel, February 23, 2009 – Pelephone Israel’s leading mobile service provider has chosen Emoze as the ideal service to provide the ultimate in mobile messaging to its 2.4 million active users.

Pelephone, the first mobile service provider operating in Israel, now hits another home run by being the first operator to offer its subscribers the unique Emoze portfolio of email and social networking messaging on their new 3G GSM network.

Pelephone subscribers will be able to read and reply to email and Facebook messages, check their calendar and keep all their contacts intact on whichever mobile device they choose. Pelephone will make Emoze available on a wide variety of mobile devices from standard Java-enabled handsets to expensive smartphones.

“Pelephone has joined the messaging innovators by extending emoze to its millions of customers, ensuring that communication on-the-go is always a great user experience; transforming technology into a lifestyle,” said Eitan Linker, emoze CEO.

The Emoze embedded client will enable all Pelephone users to get their emails, contacts, calendar and social messaging on their mobile device in real-time and fully synchronized with their PC or laptop. ” Users will now be able to mix “business with pleasure” on ONE client with the ability to push their business emails as well as their home ISP, their Gmail or other web-based accounts and even their social community messaging such as Facebook.

Emoze is highly lucrative since it is fine-tuned to use the least amount of battery power necessary plus its smart compression optimizes network performance thereby lowering the cost of data transmission.

Anytime, anywhere any mobile, Emoze on-the-go.