How I Found A Job With Node + Angular, Part 1: Let’s Do Some Node

After 4 years in AT&T as mobile R&D group manager and system architect (working on AT&T Connect and Unified Communications products) I was leaving and looking for a new position. If you ever looked for an appealing position in the past, you must have connectnoticed a disturbing fact: some of the more attractive positions are offered far far away (geographically speaking) from where you live. At this time in my life I was not willing to move out for a new job (the family really likes our humble neighborhood and community) nor commute to death (in here that meant no more than 1 hour travel for each direction). So my career council shared with me a web site that offered all the relevant companies in my field, with a geographical distribution information, to help me choose the “right” company for me. While this web site was a helping factor in my job search, it was annoying me for its old user interface design, and poor usability. And since I had some free time now, I decided (you know me – if there is something I love it is to learn some new stuff, and fix some broken things) to try to make a better tool for my fellow job seekers. Continue reading