Is hi tech the new era slavery?

It is now almost over 4:00 am. I’ve been working for over 20 hours without a break. No, it’s not the 19th century, and I’m not mining coal. I’m managing software development in an hi tech company.

It is a free will slavery. Thousand of people in the western world are subject to this slavery every day. Have we changed forced slavery with our hi tech stock holders oppressors? Do you have the feeling that we labor much more than our parents did? And do we get more?

One thought on “Is hi tech the new era slavery?

  1. Hey man!
    I didn’t know you were blogging, and even on matters that touch my day-to-day thoughts!
    (No, I’m not talking about should MM or shouldn’t MM develop on WinCE/.NET/MFC/whatever… :)) )

    I’m at a cross-road now, thinking about my life, my job, my hobbies and what I do with them, you know, 32 years old… 🙂

    Glad to see you around from time to time, and I only wish you could have dragged me with you to see Roger Waters, as I missed this show… :-\

    Take care and keep in touch!

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