WorldMate API launches with over 50 developers onboard

WorldMate API launches with over 50 developers on board

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2012  – The world’s largest mobile itinerary management and travel booking service, WorldMate, today announced the availability of the WorldMate API and the accompanying developer portal at WorldMate API processes travelers’ confirmation emails, extracts all of the key information, adds additional content such as an airport geo-code, and then sends the data back to the developer in industry standard Extensible Markup Language (XML). Developers can use the data to create a virtually limitless array of applications. Some examples include itinerary monitoring, expense reporting, traveler profiling or selling daily deals at the destination.

The API is built upon the WorldMate platform, which has managed millions of itineraries in the last 5 years. It supports an ever-growing list of confirmation emails from over 1300 travel agencies, airlines, hotel chains, car rental agencies, rail companies, restaurant reservation systems, and event ticket sites. Multiple email types including HTML, text, and .pdf attachments spanning 14 languages are covered.

The WorldMate API is unique because travelers are not required to sign up for a WorldMate account and WorldMate does not store any of the data contained in the confirmation emails processed through the API. This means that the developers can create their own services while maintaining full control of the user experience. Their customers will not have to create an account with a third-party itinerary service and, therefore, will be free of marketing interference from that third party.

“We are overwhelmed with the immediate popularity of the API across a wide spectrum of developers”, says Jean Tripier, WorldMate’s CEO. “We can’t wait to see what our licensees come up with.”

More than 50 developers have already licensed the WorldMate API in the pre-release prior to the announcement today. A few examples illustrating the diverse nature of the developers:

  • Travel Content Provider: “We are eager to integrate the WorldMate API into our FlightStats services,” explains Conducive Technologies’ CEO, Jeff Kennedy. “It is simple to integrate and gives us the power to provide a richer set of personalized services to the millions of business and leisure travelers who use FlightStats each month.”
  • Online Expense Management Service Provider: Eric Sikola, CEO of ExpenseCloud, a solution provided by App7, Inc describes, “thousands of our customers travel daily, booking travel through every channel imaginable. The WorldMate API will make it possible for us to capture and processes these bookings as a receipt in their expense reports, completely eliminating any manual entry.”
  • Travel Management Company: “Short’s Travel manages over $200M a year in corporate travel bookings. We know our customers need traveler-friendly solutions to manage the company’s travel program effectively. With WorldMate’s API, we will be able to track policy compliance for each booking and consolidate travel data for the travel manager no matter where their travelers book.” David LeCompte, CEO, Shorts Travel Management

Signing up for the WorldMate API takes just a few seconds to complete on the WorldMate Developers Portal. The free license provides up to 50,000 confirmation emails parsed per year. Developers who require higher volumes or a stringent service level agreement may purchase these separately.

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