WorldMate Brings First Mobile Flight Alert Service To Nokia S60 Symbian Platform

Award-winning mobile travel service helps road warriors using Nokia’s popular platform avoid travel pitfalls

Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2008) – WorldMate, Inc., the leading provider of mobile travel services for frequent fliers, today introduced flight alerts for Nokia S60 devices. Now, WorldMate for S60 users can automatically receive real-time updates directly on their mobile phones when their flights are canceled or delayed. In addition, travelers inconvenienced by last-minute changes can check updated flight schedules to quickly
rebook and save time at the airport.

Users of WorldMate for Nokia S60 simply enter their flight numbers directly into the mobile application. The WorldMate service acts as a ‘guardian angel’, watching over travelers’ itineraries and proactively notifying them of delays or cancellations. As flight schedules change, the service pushes personal alerts directly to the mobile device, and enables users to react within the application by referencing updated schedules to find suitable alternate flights.

According to the 18th Annual Airline Quality Rating report filed this month, the performance of the airline industry is nearing a 20-year low, with more than 25 percent of all flights in 2007 delayed [Airline Quality Rating, Dr. Brent Bowen and Dr. Dean E. Headley, Air Tran Takes Top AQR Spot, Industry Score Falls to New Low, Apr. 7, 2008]. WorldMate for S60’s new flight alert service gives business travelers, who’ve been impacted or stranded as a result of unexpected delays and cancellations, the power to resolve the situation immediately.

“Our members rely on WorldMate to deal with the ever increasing uncertainties of travel, and we’re pleased to answer the call of our S60 users, putting up-to-the-minute flight information in the palm of their hands,” said Nadav Gur, CEO of WorldMate. “From the beginning, we built WorldMate products to cater to the needs of the ultimate road warrior. With strain on the airline industry, and resulting flight delays at record levels, it’s more important than ever for business travelers to have a mobile solution that caters to their constant on-the-go lifestyle.”

WorldMate for S60 includes several services, such as weather, currency converter, world clocks and world maps, free of charge. Premium services, including comprehensive flight schedules and real-time flight alerts, are available via subscription at $4.95 per month or $49.95 per year.

To download the application, please visit from a desktop computer or from your Nokia S60 device, visit

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