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Survey identifies road warriors’ top frustrations during holiday travel season
Los Angeles, CA (November 16, 2007) – Flight delays cause major headaches for road warriors, according to WorldMate, Inc., a leading provider of travel services for mobile devices. Based on a survey conducted with 300 frequent fliers, more than 87 percent of respondents put the stresses of flight delays above travel inconveniences such as losing luggage and dealing with security lines. The ever-increasing rate of flight delays, combined with the looming holiday travel season, puts added pressure on business professionals as they struggle to conduct business on-the-go.

With the FAA reporting more than 27 percent of flights delayed during the first half of 2007 alone(1) , road warriors battle anxiety related to flight delays and cancellations caused by overbooking, inclement weather, security concerns and a myriad of other factors. In addition, WorldMate Live’s survey identifies that nearly half of respondents will be flying overseas for the holidays and about 17 percent will be flying domestically.
Respondents to the survey also indicated that 43 percent of travelers tend to learn about flight delays and cancellations at the airline ticketing counter. The long lines of people awaiting ticket changes can affect fliers’ probability of securing alternate flights.
“Travelers are held hostage to a certain extent by lack of information and resources when flying from city to city, country to country, especially during the holiday season,” said Nadav Gur, WorldMate CEO. “Thankfully, mobile travel tools like WorldMate Live empower them with information and advanced services to combat travel-related stress using their BlackBerrys and smartphones.”
Additional causes of travel-related stress identified by survey respondents include losing print itineraries, packing appropriately for the weather and concern for missing meetings as a result of time zone changes.
WorldMate Live alleviates the stresses of flight delays by allowing travelers to access alternate flights on their smartphones and plans to incorporate re-booking features into their application in the future. Through WorldMate Live, road warriors can manage their full itineraries on their BlackBerrys, including travel arrangements and business meetings.
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