Emoze Announces Revolutionary New Push Content Platform

Ra’anana, Israel 12 April 2010 – Emoze, the global leader in mobile push email and push content solutions, today announced the release of Dragon 555, a revolutionary new technology for delivering push web content to mobile devices in real time.

The new Emoze Dragon 555 push content platform aggregates web information and converts it to a format that is viewable across a wide range of mobile devices. Based on the same smart, simple, secure technology as Emoze mobile push email, the Dragon 555 allows users to receive breaking news, financial updates, weather information, the latest sports results pushed to their mobile device in real time.

Moshe Levy, CEO of Emoze, Ltd said, “In the frantic pace of today’s world, it is often difficult to keep up with business and personal information. We are proud that Emoze is able to provide a solution that makes life better for our users.”

The Dragon 555 Push Content Platform

The Dragon 555 platform provides both Mobile Operators and Enterprises with a total management and control package, enabling them to offer this service to subscribers and still manage the system effectively. The leaner, more resilient infrastructure is designed to provide outstanding performance and efficiency while minimizing capital investment and operational expenditures. The modular design of the Dragon 555 provides total reliability, redundancy and scalability while sharing resources in order to maximize the use of expensive infrastructure.

For Mobile Operators, Emoze Mobile Push Content offers a true value added service than can entice new subscribers and inspire loyalty in current users. The simple, easy to use management interface allows for easy customization, allowing subscribers to choose which channels they want pushed to their mobile device and exactly how often, either instantly or according to set intervals. Emoze Mobile Push Content is currently offering breaking news and sports coverage featuring the Champions League and counting down to the games in South Africa.

For Enterprise, Emoze Mobile Push Content offers an opportunity to push business news, exchange rates and corporate data directly to their mobile workforce as well as push special offers and other advertising content directly onto the consumer mobile devices of consumers. The smart, user-friendly management tools allow corporate IT to control the system securely and efficiently. As with Emoze’s push email transmissions, all data is compressed and encrypted to protect privacy and never stored on a third party server. In addition to the advantage of instant, no hassle delivery, push consumes less of the battery’s power optimizing usage.

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