Emoze Announces Updated Platform for Symbian Devices

Ra’anana, Israel, 06 April 2010 – Emoze announced today the release of the latest version of their industry leading push email platform for Symbian devices. This version contains many enhancements requested by Emoze users designed to provide superior interface, ease and connectivity. “The user experience is very important to us”, said Moshe Dgani, VP R&D of Emoze, Ltd. “We want our platform to be simple to use, intuitive and above all valuable to the user. For that reason, we are pleased to announce the implementation of several features that our users have been asking for.”

New features include:

BCC Support
By introducing Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) support, Emoze has responded to one of the most asked-for updates from its users. This service includes an alert to inform users that their message was received as a BCC, providing a helpful notification before they reply.

Enhanced Attachment Support
This version includes improved support for email attachments. Users can now view and download all Microsoft office documents up to 6MB or pictures (jpeg) and PDFs of up to 4MB. Attachments can be downloaded to the phone’s memory or to an external memory card.

The platform now offers full support for HTML emails, enabling users to take advantage of a wide range of visually appealing fonts and images. Users can now send and receive messages in rich fonts, include graphics or photos, and create colorful newsletters, tables or charts. This version will also offer enhanced support for embedded images. Emoze’s platform offers users an interface that matches that of today’s most popular email sources, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Advanced Inbox
With this feature, users can enjoy unparalleled customization of inbox viewing. Emoze now allows for easy switching between header reading options. Users can choose to view two line headers, enabling them to see the first line of the email, one-line headers, which show the only the subject line or remove the header entirely to allow the most messages to be shown on the screen. Furthermore, Emoze has made switching between these views simple and intuitive.

Menu Shortcuts
Instead of having to navigate through layers of menus, users can now take advantage of a numeric shortcut menu to quickly select the function they want.

Additional features:

    Add or update contacts directly from email
    Create a customized signature
    Choose the best available broadband connection or manually select WiFi
    Support for Google Contacts and Calendar fields
    Support for virtual synchronization of all social networking contacts
    Use Text to Speech (on phones which support the feature)

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