Emoze Named ‘Rising Star’ In The 2009 Mobile Star Awards™

London, UK. 9 December 2009 – A winner in the eighth annual Mobile Star Awards™ programme, is leading mobile content provider, emoze. Hosted by mobile technology news portal MobileVillage.com, the awards recognize emoze as a ‘rising star’ in the consumer applications category – email or messaging.

Emoze brings true mobility to the mass market by enabling users, from all walks of life, to turn their mobile phones and devices into a fully functional personal communications device. It delivers both emails and social network messaging to almost any mobile phone. The company has created real push-event technology that delivers real-time, secure synchronization of emails, calendars and contacts – pushing data and updates anytime, anywhere using any mobile service provider network or WiFi.

Users can download emoze to their mobile device free of charge, allowing allow them to synchronize one messaging account. For just €1 per month, there is the option to upgrade to multiple accounts, which can all be managed from one handset. Several types of accounts are supported, from email to social networking and unlike other technologies; updates are sent as they happen, rather than on a periodical basis.

“We are delighted that the innovative, effective and cost-efficient service that our software download delivers has again been recognised by mobile industry-savvy people,” commented CEO, Eitan Linker. “They have the knowledge and hands-on experience to know what they are voting for, and that is a real accolade for us.”

Emoze works via a process known as smart routing. This means that as soon as an update is received in the users’ account, a mirror of the message is sent to their handset. There is no reliance on the consumer’s laptop or computer being open and connected to the internet. It also provides an increased level of security as emoze does not store e-mails or any account information. Instead, users can benefit from the peace of mind that their information will remain in their own account and on their handset only; emoze will not see or store any of this on its servers.

This push technology supports almost every popular mobile handset and email data source including Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, POP3, IMAP and Web-Access. It is network independent and supports all mobile device operating systems providing an intuitive, familiar interface for ease of use and high-level security for emails and data.

For business users, emoze also has an enterprise edition that provides all the same benefits with the added bonus that they will have complete management control and reporting at their own mail server.

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