Emoze Participates with Sun Microsystems in Java Utopia at the 2009 JavaOne Conference

Emoze is the first company to use the LWUIT technology in a commercial push email solution
JavaOne Conference, San Francisco, 2 June 2009 – Emoze, the global leader in push technology for mobile, will be presenting its Java technology- based mobile client developed using the new Light Weight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT) from Sun Microsystems at the 2009 JavaOne conference in San Francisco, 2-5 June.

Emoze at JavaOne

Emoze at JavaOne

Emoze is the first company to use the LWUIT technology in a commercial push email solution. emoze Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) based client was successfully launched with several mobile carriers worldwide and with several leading handset manufacturers such as Samsung and Nokia. emoze will be one of the few firms invited by Sun to showcase the applications developed using Sun Microsystems technologies at the prestigious JavaOne conference.

Emoze implemented the LWUIT technology to deliver unique web-like graphics, flexible layouts and animated screen transitions on Java-enabled mobile phones. Simple, stylish and useable, emoze has added swivel-screens, cool themes and animated screen transitions as some of the new benefits. The emoze solution delivers a slick, colourful and well laid out messaging and content client for even the most basic mobile phone, mirroring the familiar experience users know from their PC. With even broader handset compatibility, accessible on more than 800 mobile devices, outstanding graphics and flexible layouts, emoze expands the limits of the user experience and creates an intuitive and visually-smooth transition from desktop to mobile.

Going forward, emoze is currently developing technology that will allow consumers to have live news, weather, sports, stocks and shares information, pictures and video streaming and more – pushed directly, and in real time, to their mobile device taking the user experience to even higher dimensions.

Using new state-of-the-art technology from Sun Microsystems, getting mobile communications and exciting content, for business or pleasure, has never been easier – all that is required is a low-cost data package from any service provider.

Eitan Linker, CEO at emoze said: “This technology has been a long time in the making and offers customers a never before seen user-experience that is not limited to the high-end smart phones. Our partnership with Sun Microsystems has enabled emoze to create the world’s most innovative ‘push’ mobile services and we look forward to breaking new ground together over the coming months. Emoze is now used globally and with our new products and social media applications we are the driving force behind the growing trend for social communities on the go.”

“We’ve invited emoze as a Java ME ISV at this year’s JavaOne conference to highlight the advancements in the ‘push’ content mechanism that their Java ME application promises. emoze’s use of LWUIT is a perfect example of how this technology can significantly enhance the end user experience of an application that offers a key communication solution on mobile devices”, said Nicolas Lorain, group marketing manager, JavaFX applications and ISVs at Sun.

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