AOL and AIM go mobile with Emoze

Emoze is now available to over 10 million new subscribers
More than 10 million email users can now go mobile, thanks to the latest emoze data source release for AOL subscribers. People with an AOL email address can now get their messages and more pushed to their mobile phone, with real-time, secure synchronization from emoze.

Users experience the ultimate in mobile messaging. Available on the broadest range of mobile devices, from smartphones to simple phones (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and more), emoze is easy, affordable and mimics the look and feel of the AOL experience already familiar on a PC.

For those with more than one email address, or avid fans of social communities like Facebook, the emoze PRO version allows users to set up multiple messaging addresses to be delivered to their mobile phone for a nominal monthly charge. With emoze, even a simple mobile phone can become an individual’s communications center.

“We are determined to provide all mobile phone users with the benefits of today’s mobile lifestyle by delivering secure, real-time messaging, without the need to buy a special handset or expensive proprietary services,” says Eitan Linker, chief executive of emoze. He continues saying “We offer all web-based email sources the opportunity to maintain their subscriber loyalty by enabling them to offer a new dimension in mobility – safe, secure, cost-efficient, real-time mobile messaging on the end user’s personal mobile devices, which is the ultimate user experience”.

Synchronization and security are high priorities and users can rest assured that emoze delivers every email in the safest, most secure manner, employing compression and encryption to provide the highest level of security. In addition, emoze never stores email on a 3rd party server. Messaging is pushed only when the mobile device is open and ready to receive. Emoze push mail mobility is cost efficient as there is no need for the device to continuously poll the server. Email, events and attachments are pushed as they arrive and transmissions are optimized to conserve batteries and minimize data charges.

A free download of the software is available at or users can navigate on their web-enabled handset to for the emoze download. The simple online wizard means set-up is straightforward and speedy. Emoze is the future, bookmark the website to see where emoze will reach next: exciting breakthrough news coming up soon!

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