Social Communities Go Mobile With Emoze

Emoze offers social communities access to more than one billion handsets worldwide
Emoze mobile platform for Facebook allows people to access their messages and contacts via their mobile phone and has already proven a huge success. Now other social network organisers are following suit and getting the mobile push content provider to set them up so that they, too, can boast real-time mobile access to messages and contacts.

Emoze delivers real-time push mobile messaging for email and an increasing number of social communities. As social communities become ever more popular, consumer demand for access to them while on the go is also rapidly increasing. The emoze platform enables every social community to go mobile.

Emoze basic download allows one email or social community account’s messages and contacts to be pushed through to a mobile device in real-time. Messages are received into the mobile phone inbox and replied to easily. Even relatively simple phones can use emoze.

With its pro version, emoze offers the option of additional email or social network accounts. Most people today are selecting one email account and Facebook, but as more social networks are added, the race will be on for the most popular mobile networking site.

Facebook is already proving a popular choice and more social networking sites will start to become available as they provide their API to emoze. Eitan Linker, emoze chief executive said, “Incorporating social community messaging is yet another step forward in our push email and push messaging strategy, extending our technology to social communities. Taking the community experience mobile, once again proves that emoze is not just a technology, but a way of life. We realize that social community messaging is one of the fastest growing communication media worldwide. The need for “belonging” and sharing of ideas, content and common interests is evident, and the demand for receiving this communication real-time is apparent. We, at emoze, cater for the mass market and will continue to be in the forefront of mobilizing these communication needs with the best user experience possible.”

Emoze Developer Centre will allow independent developers to create emoze data source plug-ins that will enable push messaging, contacts and content from new data sources to emoze push mail clients, using emoze central servers (ECS).
The Developer Centre provides resources, documentation, tools and support in the process of developing a new data source plug-in.
Third party developers can register for a developer account, then develop and test their data source plug-in and publish it after auditing by emoze. Interested parties should contact

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