Emoze Picks-Up Where Intellisync Leaves-Off

Prior-users of Nokia Intellisync service are welcome to use Emoze Enterprise service instead
Raanana, Israel, 18 December 2008 Enterprises and individuals alike are rushing to download alternative push mail solutions as Nokia drops its own-brand solution, Intellisync. With the Emoze Enterprise Edition, users can rest easy in the knowledge that they get a high quality push service at a low cost and the conversion from Intellisync will be seamless.

Designed with business use in mind, the emoze Enterprise Edition provides superior, secure mobile push mail and sync of calendar and contacts to ANY mobile handset.

“Push mail is undoubtedly the business “must-have”, as workers are increasingly on-the move and out of immediate reach to their PC,” said Eitan Linker, emoze CEO.
“When looking for an alternative to Intellisync, remember that the emoze Enterprise Edition support ALL Nokia and non Nokia devices, Windows Mobile and Java-based handsets!”

Emoze push email

Emoze push email

For the small-to-medium business and home-office, emoze offers the broadest of handset reach and even the most basic of handsets can be transformed into an advanced mobile handset.

Security of data is a primary concern for any corporation, and emoze technology provides some of the most secure messaging in the market. Emails are pushed, real-time, without the need for any duplication or storage outside of the existing email server.

By adding-on a dedicated emoze Enterprise Edition server, organisations can manage their information flow and control data transfers, based on their own specific IT policies. Subscribers’ mails can be directed through the on-site server, and be controlled and monitored by a company’s own IT manager. Once installed, administrators (or IT managers) simply allocate users via an intuitive Admin Console. The emoze Enterprise server does not require any integration with the corporate IT infrastructure and Firewall.

With the tasking of only one administrator to multiple accounts, employees need not waste valuable time and energy with an additional administrative task. The freedom to fully tailor settings, also allows managers to play a larger role in IT maintenance and routine updates. The emoze Enterprise Edition supports Exchange.

Emoze’s Enterprise Edition is available for speedy, easy and free download for trial on the web at http://ee.emoze.com/en/index.asp

Business email, anytime, anywhere, any mobile device!

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