WorldMate Live Embraces the Storm

WorldMate® announces support for the hot new BlackBerry Storm touch-screen smartphone
ATLANTA, GA — December 8, 2008 WorldMate, Inc., a company specializing in mobile travel services with 1.7 million users worldwide, today announces that WorldMate Live, the Company’s flagship product, is now available for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM).

WorldMate Live on BlackBerry Storm

WorldMate Live on BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBerry Storm smartphone’s touch functionality and landscape view enhance the user experience and makes it easier to access all of WorldMate Live services including:

  • Hotel booking—allows users to make reservations on-the-go based on their precise location and personal preferences; partnership with provides access to the best prices, worldwide inventory and secure transactions directly on the BlackBerry Storm.
  • Itinerary manager—after forwarding travel confirmation emails, WorldMate Live automatically creates, organizes and syncs travel details on the Web and the BlackBerry Storm; eliminates paper printouts of flight, hotel and ground transportation reservations, as well as meetings and appointments.
  • Contextually relevant tools and resources—one-touch access to real-time flight status; maps and directions to hotels, meetings and airports; and weather forecasts, allowing members to easily prepare for and access information about their travel.
  • Real-time notifications—alert members instantly of changes to their travel plans, including flight delays and cancellations and allows them to take action by providing the necessary resources at their fingertips.

WorldMate is a BlackBerry ISV Alliance Member and was recently selected for an $8 million round of financing, led by the newly created BlackBerry® Partners Fund™.

Nadav Gur, CEO of WorldMate, Inc. said: “BlackBerry smartphones offer more than just email and phone calls, and embrace the idea that a smartphone is an extension of yourself. The BlackBerry Storm embodies this spirit, and WorldMate Live further reinforces it, utilizing the unique capabilities of this new smartphone to do the tasks you would normally have to do from a computer.
Having WorldMate Live available on one of the hottest devices on the market will enable us to reach a new and broader audience, and by leveraging the BlackBerry Storm smartphone’s touch capabilities, we’ll now be able to deliver one-touch access to critical travel resources for the time-constrained traveler.”

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