EMOZE Sets a New Standard for Email Experience on Android

Herzeliya, Israel, 7 January 2013: EMOZE Ltd., a leading provider of transparent, synchronized mobile push messaging and push content solutions for handset manufactures, mobile operators and enterprises, today released its latest feature rich version of an advanced Secure Push Mail for Android devices. The new version includes an improved overall application performance and a smoother user-friendly interface.

The EMOZE Secure Push Mail is designed to turn real-time messaging into a simple, intuitive and productive function. Improved application performance now includes the ability to select multiple folders to be pushed to the mobile device as well as the ability to archive and restore emails locally. The new version features “Out of Office” Automatic Reply as well as Meeting Response support for MS-Exchange and Google accounts. It also helps reduce the cost of data while roaming by controlling the synchronization options.

Managing several email accounts has never been easier with EMOZE Secure Push Mail. Emails can be synchronized seamlessly with the EMOZE application, including integration with contacts, calendars and even folder structures. With EMOZE’s Secure Push Mail, users may now enjoy the ability to manage emails, folders and much more “on-the-go” without depending on their computer.
EMOZE offers a variety of advanced security options to protect user’s information, privacy and identity, especially in cases where one of the popular cloud-based office services – such as Office365, Outlook.com or Google Apps – is in use. In fact, the EMOZE solution allows users to remotely locate, lock, or even erase ?the data of a lost or stolen device. It is as simple as sending a text or email message.

Main Application Features:

• ?Push Mail: Real-time email notification, including POP3 accounts;?
• ?Supports contact and calendar (PIM) synchronization;
• ?Multiple Email accounts: Easy configuration of several email accounts;
• ?Robust compression for both text and file attachments;
• ?Preview Attachment Function: saving time, data and battery consumption;
• ?Forward attachments without having to first download or open the files;
• ?Global Address List (GAL) access;
• ?Out Of Office assistant support (for MS-Exchange 2007 and higher);
• Accept, Decline, and Tentative response to Meeting Requests (MS-Exchange and Google ?accounts;
• ?Ability to select multiple Folders to Push: enables selection of one or more folders ?that will ?automatically be pushed to the mobile device whenever a new mail is sent to that ?folder;?
• ?Archive and restore email right on the mobile device with the new Archive folder;
• ?New Traffic Saving Counter: measures the mobile data used by ?EMOZE in order to help better control data consumption;?
• ?Remote Wipe by email or SMS: ability to erase all private information on a lost or stolen device, returning the device to its ?factory settings;
• ?Storage card encryption: encrypts the attachments downloaded to the SD card ?or mobile phone;
• SIM card replacement alert?;
• ?Remote Phone lock: ability to remotely lock/wipe the mobile phone; ?
• ?Find Device Location: allows receipt of an email or SMS with a Google maps link to the device ?location.
• ?Device Alarm triggers high volume beeping alarm on the device;

The EMOZE Secure Push Mail application is currently available for download on Google Play in the Communication category.