Social Communities Go Mobile With Emoze

Emoze offers social communities access to more than one billion handsets worldwide
Emoze mobile platform for Facebook allows people to access their messages and contacts via their mobile phone and has already proven a huge success. Now other social network organisers are following suit and getting the mobile push content provider to set them up so that they, too, can boast real-time mobile access to messages and contacts.
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Emoze and Tulip Telecom eyes corporate customers for VAS

New Delhi, Apr 5 (PTI) — Data communications and software services firm Tulip Telecom plans to launch value-added services, such as push mail and corporate Internet services, for the corporate sector in few months.

The New Delhi-based firm will offer these services to its corporate customers directly as the service can work on any phone with GPRS connection.

“We plan to launch value-added services like push mail, data leasing and corporate Internet services over the next few months. These services, we expect, would contribute about five per cent to our revenues by the next two years,” Tulip Telecom Executive Director Deepinder Singh Bedi told PTI.

Tulip has also roped in Israel’s Emoze for technical collaboration and would offer the service which will enable the user read and send e-mails just like on a BlackBerry device.

Tulip Telecom’s net profit for the year ended June 30, 2008, stood at Rs 187.14 crore, while the net sales stood at Rs 1,218.98 crore.

Tulip’s clientele include Ranbaxy, HDFC Bank, DLF, DHL, Dupont, Hindustan Times, Bharti and Maruti Suzuki among others.

The company also plans to launch long-distance international data services along with remote infrastructure management. “We already have an ILD bandwidth and are waiting for security clearance. When we get that, we would go ahead and launch the service,” Bedi said, adding that the plans for remote infrastructure management are also in the pipeline.

Tulip Telecom, earlier known as Tulip IT Services, has three data centres in Delhi and is looking at starting a fourth centre in Bangalore.

“As business has grown, we are now setting up a data centre in angalore and would keep expanding as and when required,” Bedi said.

The expansion is being supported by the USD 150 million funds raised in 2007.


Emoze Beats The Recession

Emoze is emerging as one of the world’s winners in the current recession
Las Vegas, USA, 31 March 2009 – Emoze is emerging as one of the world’s winners in the current recession, with a million web hits a month and thousands of daily downloads of its new mobile push content software. Facebook’s 175 million active members and Hotmail’s more than 200 million users are among those now discovering the benefits of emoze to push their personal email and messages from one or more service, direct to their mobile phone.
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