Emoze Announces Revolutionary New Push Content Platform

Ra’anana, Israel 12 April 2010 – Emoze, the global leader in mobile push email and push content solutions, today announced the release of Dragon 555, a revolutionary new technology for delivering push web content to mobile devices in real time.

The new Emoze Dragon 555 push content platform aggregates web information and converts it to a format that is viewable across a wide range of mobile devices. Based on the same smart, simple, secure technology as Emoze mobile push email, the Dragon 555 allows users to receive breaking news, financial updates, weather information, the latest sports results pushed to their mobile device in real time.

Moshe Levy, CEO of Emoze, Ltd said, “In the frantic pace of today’s world, it is often difficult to keep up with business and personal information. We are proud that Emoze is able to provide a solution that makes life better for our users.”

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Emoze Announces Updated Platform for Symbian Devices

Ra’anana, Israel, 06 April 2010 – Emoze announced today the release of the latest version of their industry leading push email platform for Symbian devices. This version contains many enhancements requested by Emoze users designed to provide superior interface, ease and connectivity. “The user experience is very important to us”, said Moshe Dgani, VP R&D of Emoze, Ltd. “We want our platform to be simple to use, intuitive and above all valuable to the user. For that reason, we are pleased to announce the implementation of several features that our users have been asking for.”
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Emoze And Globe Telecom Launch Mobile Push Email In The Philippines

Manila, Philippines and Ra’anana, Israel – 29 March, 2010 – Globe Telecom [PSE:GLO], a member of the Singtel Group and Emoze, the leading global provider of push email services, will be partnering to introduce a revolutionary unlimited mobile email service, Globe Tattoo UNLIMAIL. As one of the leading telecommunications service providers in the Philippines, Globe Telecom will be offering a potential subscriber base of over 20 million the ability to send and receive emails in real time from nearly any mobile handset.


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Emoze Is Now Preinstalled on Samsung S5620

Emoze is now preinstalled on Samsung recently launched S5620!
You can see it in Samsung S5620 Monte preview: First look and in Samsung S5620 Monte preview: First look.

The funny thing is that Samsung gave us no notice on this and I was the first one to stumble upon this with the help of good old Google Alerts…

March 10th update: It looks like Emoze is also pre insalled on Samsung B5310 (Corby Pro) as can be seen here and here.

Pelephone Launches Smart Mail Powered By Emoze

Pelephone, Israel’s largest mobile operator, in cooperation with the award winning mobile messaging service emoze, is now offering broadband subscribers push email on a wide array of mobile devices.

Ra’anana – 02 February 2010 – Pelephone, Israel’s leading mobile operator, has today taken a strategic step toward its vision of smart and friendly mail on every mobile device with the launch of its new mobile email service, Smart Mail, powered by emoze.

Smart Mail is an innovative push email service that enables both personal and business email messages, including attachments, to be pushed in real-time to the subscriber’s handheld device, even if it is not a smart phone. Smart Mail is already supported on over 13 Symbian and Java devices, including several Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets, with dozens more to be added in the coming months.
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Emoze launches first ‘push’ content application – Mobile Soccer updater

Emoze launches a dedicated mobile soccer application for the largest international soccer tournament in Africa
AFRICOM, Cape Town South Africa, 11 November 2009 – Emoze, the worlds leading ‘push’ mobile solutions provider, has come up with another industry first introducing a ‘pushed’ content solution in preparation for the most exciting event to be held next year in the African continent.

The new downloadable application will cost just $5 (one time payment) and will provide international football news daily from now until after the tournament’s final in July.

The client will feature ‘pushed’ real time soccer updates and news, player of the day pictures (in html format), game venues, scores and of course full tables of the team groups. The opening splash screen features a real-time countdown to the big games in South Africa, and then once the tournament starts, countdowns to individual games – football fans need never miss a second of the action no matter where they are or what they are doing.

The Soccer Updater is available worldwide and can be downloaded on any Symbian or Windows mobile handset, with Java phones to follow shortly. So before the tension reaches fever pitch download it now at:

Emoze CEO, Eitan Linker, said: “This is emoze’s first ‘push’ content solution and we have several more content based applications in the pipeline. Consumers increasingly want tailored content on the go, delivered directly to the handset, where they can find it in one click. Our service gives the best user experience to the consumer with a combination of data and pictures. It’s easy to install, easy to use and info you won’t be able to do without – all in real-time. Yet another example that emoze is not just a technology, but a way of life! With the 2010 tournament fever building throughout the world this is a great value added service and the natural evolution of the ‘push’ experience.”

*Note to readers: emoze has no commercial affiliation with FIFA or the 2010 World Cup South Africa

Need Your Staff To Have Access To Email And Contacts Oo The Go…. But Can’t Afford The Upgrades?

Secure efficient and low cost ‘push’ email, calendar and contact information, in real-time, bespoke for SME users…. AND FOR FREE!

Emoze, the world’s leading low cost ‘push’ mobile technology, is reinvigorating growth in the SME sector by offering all UK corporate customers a completely FREE 30-day (no commitment) trial of its services. There is no need to replace handsets, no data security risks, no costly corporate mobile tariffs, just your business email (including contacts and calendar) delivered to any mobile phone, anywhere and in real time.

Get your FREE trial at: http://www.emoze.com/en/products/enterprise.asp

Imagine, how much more efficient your business will be if all your sales staff, secretaries, management, and even logistics had access to corporate email 24/7. Potential sales leads could be followed up in an instant, meetings arranged and cancelled from your mobile handset, and clients could be kept in touch no matter how busy your schedule.

Keeping your whole team in-touch with clients and customers will be key to maintaining relationships, a steady flow of income and, say it quietly, bottom-line growth. With the UK’s recession now looking to extend into early next year, banks still ‘recapitalising’ and refusing to lend to perfectly viable businesses, securing the necessary financing for infrastructure development, and cutting costs, are now the biggest challenges facing the SME sector.

It is no surprise, therefore, that many businesses have decided the cost of ‘push’ email services are for the moment, unviable. With emoze these financial obstacles have been removed, as there is no need to replace handsets, change mobile contracts, or pay costly service charges – and for those of you still uncertain you can now try the service for FREE.

“Good business relies on good communication, and managers are now able to extend employee’s on-the-job experience from desktop to mobile,” comments Eitan Linker, emoze CEO. “Email is a business critical tool for virtually every organization, but access need not be limited by distance from a computer. The modern business person is often on the move and does not want to carry around multiple devices. Emoze’s Enterprise Edition allows them freedom of movement and communication, without the company needing to purchase special handsets or extra, expensive services. With the recession making every business wary of change, we are offering the Enterprise Edition on a free trial, as once you have emoze you can never go back.”

What do you need to get started?
You can start using emoze now, if you have a basic data allowance or an ordinary data package for your managers and staff – often included as standard in monthly phone contracts – and because all emoze messages are 90% compressed, your data usage will always be very low.

What’s the security of data like?
Security of data is a primary concern for any corporation, and emoze technology provides some of the most secure messaging on the market, with encryption on all emails and data as standard. With emoze, emails are ‘pushed’, real-time, without the need for any duplication or storage outside of the existing email server (which is a big security risk associated with Blackberry). What’s more, should the handset be lost or stolen it can be easily remotely wiped in seconds from your own server, meaning that business sensitive data is never at risk.

Want In-house Management Control?
When communications controlled by your own people is an essential business need, companies can add a dedicated Enterprise Edition server, enabling management of information flow and control over data transfers based on your own IT policies. Users can be added or deleted easily too, through the simple-to-use management console.

“With an easy online installation emoze allows the business user to communicate securely, and do business faster and more conveniently,” continues Eitan Linker. “We offer the perfect solution to those businesses that want the productivity and connectivity gains from ‘push’ technology without the cost or hassle of third party controlled services. We provide real added value services with emoze Enterprise Edition software and place management control where it belongs – with the corporate customer.”

Emoze now inside the world’s most widely used mobile device platform – Nokia S40

Emoze’s true mass market messaging solution hits true mass market devices
London, 13 July 2009 – Nokia Series 40 mobile phones are now being shipped with a direct, emoze push messaging software link in the OVI download folder so that users can quickly set up their favourite messaging data sources such as Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and so on, pushed to their mobile phone, with real-time, secure synchronization.
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Emoze Participates with Sun Microsystems in Java Utopia at the 2009 JavaOne Conference

Emoze is the first company to use the LWUIT technology in a commercial push email solution
JavaOne Conference, San Francisco, 2 June 2009 – Emoze, the global leader in push technology for mobile, will be presenting its Java technology- based mobile client developed using the new Light Weight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT) from Sun Microsystems at the 2009 JavaOne conference in San Francisco, 2-5 June.

Emoze at JavaOne

Emoze at JavaOne

Emoze is the first company to use the LWUIT technology in a commercial push email solution. emoze Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) based client was successfully launched with several mobile carriers worldwide and with several leading handset manufacturers such as Samsung and Nokia. emoze will be one of the few firms invited by Sun to showcase the applications developed using Sun Microsystems technologies at the prestigious JavaOne conference.
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